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Скачать с ютуб Concert: Dance–New York / Maki Namekawa & Dennis Russell Davies perform John Cage and Philip Glass

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John Cage: “The Seasons“, Ballet in One Act; Prelude I-Winter, Prelude II-Spring, Prelude III- Summer, Prelude IV-Fall, Finale (Prelude)
Dennis Russell Davies, piano

Philip Glass: ‘Distant Figure’ - A Passacaglia for Solo Piano (2017)
Maki Namekawa, piano


“The Seasons” (1947) reflects John Cage’s interest in (American) Indian aesthetics during the mid-to-late forties. The movements of this cyclical work are programmatically inspired by their Indian interpretation: Winter as quiescence, Spring as creation, Summer as preservation, and Fall, destruction. (Margaret Leng Tan)
Choreography: Merce Cunningham, Decors: Isamu Noguchi

Originally composed as “Passacaglia” for the New York choreographer Lucinda Childs, Philip Glass retrospectively expanded the title for Maki Namekawa’s newly released recording, to “‘Distant Figure’ - A Passacaglia”


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