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Glub Glub Photography:
Abby and Rudy take out Glub Glub fish sounds when Basket flies in. This time Basket has brought a camera. And the underwater mission is to find and photograph a redfish! They find all kinds of sea animals while traveling in their submarine. Yellowfish, an octopus! Rudy spots a redfish, but the fish is too fast for Abby to take a picture. Abby doesn't give up and Rudy comes up with a great solution. A successful glub Glub Photography Mission!! Don't forget to Glub Glub and Click Click!!
Space Mission:
Abby and Rudy fly away to space in a space station! The Astronauts find themselves on an exciting Mission in Space while floating in zero gravity. Meteorites hit the solar panels of the space ship that provide electricity to the space ship. It's upto Astronaut Abby and Astronaut Rudy to save the Mission and bring back the Power, by fixing the solar panels. In their Spacesuits, boots, and helmets the Astronauts are ready for the adventure and save the day! Watch this Space Adventure and find out how they save the Space Mission!!
Double Fun! Double Maza! 2 ka Dum!
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