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Скачать с ютуб कौन हूँ मैं ।Who am I |Positive |Negative |Why People Fail in Life |लोग असफल क्यों होते है। Attitude

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Hello Friends

Don't get upset... Be Happy...

My motive of making this video is to realize someone his/her real value, which by default he/she forgets and living their life as a normal people or as Unsuccessful person.

Why most of the people fails in their life ?
#Whymostofthepeoplefailsintheirlife ?

What are the reason behind Unsuccessful ?

What are the reason behind Failure ?

There are lots of questions like this in everyone's life, but by default they didn't realize the main reason I.e. their bringing and brought up, the Environment in which the grown up. The education and the Attitude they had developed during their upbringing.

My this video may give some answers to your questions. The motive of making this video is just to bring some positive change in everyone's life so that they can do and achieve what they are here fore??

If my videos helps to bring some positive change in people's life and he/she may achieve their aim / goal in life than I thought that my workout become success.

Friends my request to you is that \"Think Positive\", Be Positive\" and find out Positivity in every Situation.


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Disclaimer : The story and content used in this video is only for \"Fair Use\" and does not claim as my story.

Stay Blessed and Stay Connected

With Best Wishes

Anuj Singh

Networker and Trainer | Motivational and Inspirational Dost | Story Teller