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Скачать с ютуб BEST TIKTOK FOOD TRICKS! || Funny Food Pranks by 123 Go! Genius

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Genius food hacks will totally make you so hungry!🤤
Find out how to turn a fresh corn into yummy popcorn, how to treat your friends with a delicious cupcake and how to pull a prank on your bestie!

Funny food prank will make you smile and epic coca cola prank will show you how to have fun this summer!

#funny #comedy #food
00:03 Genius food hack
00:30 How to cook popcorn
03:09 Funny chocolate prank
04:59 Awesome food prank on your friends
07:33 Amazing tiktok tricks with food
09:16 Eatible airpods prank DIY
09:40 Coca cola prank idea
11:40 Funny outtakes with awkward moments

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